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These are the Diatoms The tiny, beautiful minute creatures which spend their lives providing us with the oxygen to allow us to live and breathe. Save them, and we are saving ourselves.

There are hundreds of thousands of different varieties of these little creatures. They belong to a huge family of mainly single celled plants in the oceans called Phytoplankton. These live on, or near, the surface of the oceans and seas. We are thinking of adopting the little blue one as our emblem. We thought of naming him/her Danny Diatom. These diatoms use the energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide (CO2), and nutrients to form new plant material. In this process they absorb the CO2 a greenhouse gas and give off oxygen. Like all living plants they use the process of Photosynthesis which makes our atmosphere breathable for us.

The irony is that when these lovely little fellows die they sink to the ocean floor. Over millions of years part of their organic carbon forms ---guess what!!! oil, coal and shale.

A major scary problem is that the oxygen level in each of the past ELEs (Extinction Level Events) has dropped at the beginning of the event very rapidly, whilst each recovery of the oxygen levels has taken millions of years.

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