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Essential Oxygen Facts

Origins of Oxygen

Oil Spills

Ixtoc Spill

Land Disasters


This website is dedicated to trying to prevent a major disaster on a world wide scale.

The right to ensure we have Oxygen to breathe is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.

We seek to Defend the Diatoms (click to see them) WHO PROVIDE US WITH THE VAST MAJORITY OF OUR OXYGEN TODAY.

We ask for your understanding as the website is currently being developed and there are many, as yet , blank pages. Please keep coming back for the new information as it comes to hand.

Our Missions are to:

  •   Inform all people to the dangers to the planet from polluting the oceans and waterways
  •  Give everyone an avenue for protest at the actions of those who are endangering our survival
  •  Propose positive solutions to solve the problems whilst there is still time
  •  Encourage corporations and governments to act in a fully transparent manner
  •  Cause corporations to act in an ethical, moral, and responsible manner
  • Defend the diatoms and other marine organisms which provide humanity and the other living things with vital oxygen

Company Profile

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are concerned for the future of our children and our children's children

We believe firmly in the proposition that this planet is the property of all people held in trust for the people and beings for the future

To find out about the convener of the group visit the website www.whistleblowerassist.com.au

To look at our alternate website see www.worldoxygenlevels.com

PLEASE GO TO THE NEWS PAGE for your first port of call

Contact Information


61 (0) 3 9776 8754
Postal address
  • 42 Rosemary Crst.
  • Frankston North
  • Victoria 3200
  • Australia
Electronic mail
General Information: mervyn@teksupport.net.au

Webmaster: mervyn @ teksupport.net.au

Other Sites of Interest

www.whistleblowerassist.com.au  This site contains information about health and the micro-fungus aspergillus, Industrial relations, and the neurotoxin chemical triphenylphosphate. It also has a section on a proposed new structure of total knowledge and the implications for a new system of education.

www,aspbergers2.tripod.com  This site has interesting theories as to the the development of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Neanderthal man and the reasons for the differences in their mental development. It proposes explanations for some differences in modern human behaviour.



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